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Checking in to say:

Happy belated pi-day. I managed to finish baking a batch of small berry pies and ate one just before midnight.

Also happy birthday Albo!
And as for you, Gaius, you should have listened to your Etruscan soothsayer. They always know best.

And I have to say, I really love 'soothsayer.'



I just got home from some much needed (or not) make-up shopping. I'd been meaning to look at benefit Coralista ever since my local counter got it in mid February. The lady at the counter was very friendly, but she almost made me look like a clown. No sane person would apply bright blushes under my so-called cheekbones, it looks ridiculous (and it's her job to know better).
Still, Coralista is very nice, especially now that I've reapplied it properly and it's on both cheeks rather than unbalanced with Thrrrob on the other side. Also got me a bottle of Benetint and a gel liner (in Granite Ink) plus brush from Bobbi Brown.

In unrelated news: Apparently there's some Maria Lassnig exhibition somewhere, because poster with Du oder ich (You or Me) on them seems to be everywhere you turn. This makes me happy, not because I'm a fan, but because it's possible without prudes and religious fanatics complaining too much or sticking flyers over the posters.

Du oder ich behind the cut, because some might consider it NSFWCollapse )

Sleep might be a good idea soonish

I only got three hours of sleep tonight, but my day has been quite normal. I even managed not to doze off in my Etruscan Ceramics class, and that's rather impressive, last week I manages to type 2 1/2 lines of periods and another of 'a's a bit later when I fell asleep for a mo.
But apparently the lack of sleep is catching up about now (so excuse my inevitable typos and lack of sense):

I read today's Questionable Content and then glanced at jeph jacques' twitter: 'Today I shall be a hermit.'
My first thought was the weird, but not quite stupid: 'Hmmm, hermit on a stick.'

Not sure if dyeing and trimming my hair today is such a great idea, after all.


Finally finished with the 'oh noes, the evil dude totally treasonéd on us'-rhetoric Greek thingy.

I can has slash now? (and I can't believe I just used lolcat, it's worse than Yoda).
*leaves to find some Chuck/Casey*


Dec. 14th, 2008

I'm not eloquent and everybody knows this. I'd rather write short, concise sentences than Caesarean abominations.

Sometime that really sucks and I envy those of you, who write for fun or profit. Usually when I'm writing a paper and I run out of things to say. Of course I could have chosen a different speech to summarise, but Deinarchos' speech against Aristogeiton is pretty cool and the one against Demosthenes made me want do *headwall* because it was basically the same, only five times as long.
Anyway, I doubt that it would make sense to summarise a 3-page speech in more that 1.5 pages. Too bad I've only written 2/3 of a page... Ah, well. I should manage to find a few more things to say.

In unrelated news (well, somehow unrelated, as it has been keeping me from actually working on stuff for Uni):
I'm totally addicted to Chuck, and I can only thank [info]revena , as she kept mentioning it in her LJ. I hadn't even heard about that show, as it's not on German TV yet. And for once I actually like the main protagonist, Chuck is just adorable, Casey is beyond hot (his brain evens out the lack of beard) and damn, I ship slash for the first time (that was kinda weird for a few hours).


Oh, lucky me...

I'm currently working on a short presentation about an inscription featuring a pantomimus. Yup, a freakin' mime. I'm going to look him up in the prosopographia in a moment, but due to several name changes (both because of being slave, then libertus, and just because) I get to look in the sections for Aelius, Aurelius, Agrippus and Apolaustus.

eta: Well, I decided to have some tea instead of climbing up a wooden staircase to a seriously creaky scaffoldy structure where the prosopographia is located. I managed to go to the librarian's cubicle to ask her about CIL* IX and XIV, but she wasn't in and the guy who was there couldn't help me, as he didn't know which books might be at the bookbinder's. Meh.
But the librarian should be in tomorrow, so I'm going to try to find her between classes. I should sent the prof an e-mail anyway, I guess, but I hate doing that, so I've been procrastinating...

*Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum


While I did finish cleaning my room before my deadline last Wednesday, I still have stuff to do. I usually do only basic sorting while a clean and end up with various boxes for crafting supplies, cosmetics, uni/paper/stationery, and other stuff. And then these boxes stand around waiting to be emptied... Amazingly I just tidied up my crafty/knitty/fabricy stuff; I have way too much yarn, I really need to knit more. I might still have a box in my closet, though, so I guess I'm not really finished.
I'm really not looking forward to cleaning the windows and going through the boxes under my bed; there will probably be spiders and mutant dust bunnies.

Almost finished...

Cleaning sucks. But at least I have a deadline to work towards (Wednesday at 12:30 pm), otherwise I would never have started. In fact (and I'm seriously shocked, dismayed and ashamed) I last properly cleaned my room almost a year ago, and it's really noticeable. The dust, the hidden stashes of mostly washed but endusted washendum clothing, lots of general stuff and a few loose skeins of yarn.
The amount of rubbish and especially paper/cardboard to be tossed away or recycled is amazing. I finally managed to discard some of my notes from earlier semesters, but that's quite difficult for me, even though I know that I never actually re-read them. Depending on the space available I'll move my collection of sheet music under my bed; and if the boxes are full I'll have to throw away the last books and notes from school.


I'm a hoarder. You can tell, can't you?
(I get it from both sides of the family, and that gene is probably dominant as well.)


My nails are kinda purple-blue. I certainly didn't expect that to happen when I painted Alessandro's Pro White Hologram Lavender (you can see that one pure on the first amber-ring-pic) over dark purple. Not really my colour; I won't layer these again.
I have a bit of a hate-hate-rarely like relationship with my nails. The general shapes aren't great, they're thin and tend to peel and tear way too easily. I have yet to find a way to fix 'em. But occasionally I need to paint them, and while I usually stick to clear or pastel pink, I have plenty of brightly coloured varnishes/enamels/polishes (for some reason I can't decide which term to use).

So here's the layered one:Collapse )

And as a bonus, my new and awesome green amber ring:Collapse )

I slept quite badly tonight and woke up even more often than usual. So getting up relatively early (at 7) wasn't so bad. Epigraphics was pretty good, though I'm not sure why the paper I have to write has to be 10 pages when I only have 20 minutes for the presentation.
Then I noticed that my trousers were torn. Not funny, and I still had three hours to go until I could go home. I had an hour until the next class and there was a book/CD sale at Uni. I picked up three Johnny Cash CDs for 8 € each. Not the über-bargain, but pretty good.
Ceramics was fairly boring and the darkened room didn't help me stay awake.
When I got home I found that Bob had finally passed away. Meh.

So now I'm baking cookies. Because.


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